Here at Pet Super Nanny, we believe that dog bathing and grooming are very essential elements to keeping a healthy and happy pet. Regular grooming not only keeps pets looking good (and smelling better), but also helps keep them healthier while often reducing the risk of some diseases and conditions.

Our whirlpool bath HYDROTHERAPY is a specialty bath that allows any animal with broken limbs and/or arthritis or even a sprain to be at ease. They are surrounded by swirling pulsating water while being massaged at the same time.  Improvement on agility and pain is shown as well as being relaxed after each session.

Prefer to wash your pet on your own?  Try out our self wash station! Here you are able to wash your own pet at your own pace. You can bring your own shampoo and towel too. If you forget no problem we will provide them for you!

Call anytime for an appointment

Vaccinations must be provided to be kept on file. 

Our experienced, qualified and caring professional staff provides full dog and cat grooming and bathing services with the  best care for your pet.

Pricing for haircuts for dogs depends on hair, length, size, and manageability.

We groom all types of pets both large and small!