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Receive 10% off with multiple pets

INDOOR DOG RUN up to 2 hrs $25 Offered on Sat  9am to 1 pm******Temporarily Suspended

Large or Small Dogs SAME Price!! NO added Fees unnecessarily!! 

Whole Day $45

Daycare Packages

Full Day Daycare        10 Day $400....…$40 per Day
15 Day $570...…$38 per Day
20 Day $720......$36 per Day
****30 Day $960...…$34 per Day **** MOST POPULAR
40 Day $1200...$30 per Day

*****Gold Daycare Packages available.... Inquire Within*******

Half Day Daycare (up to 5 1/2 hrs)


15 Half Day Package $450.... $30 per Half Day
15 Half Day Package COMBO: 15 Half Day+ 2 Full day $522....$30 per Half Day/ $36 per Full Day

No Commitment Pack     $410....$41 per Day... 90 Days to Use

Combination Packages:
15 Full Day Daycare + 1 Regular Bath $600...$37.33 Per Full Day $40 Per Bath
20 Full Day Daycare + 3 Half Day $800....$32 Per Full Day ....$30 Per Half Day
****40 Full Day Daycare + 6 Half Days +1 Regular bath $1440....$30.50 per Full Day, $30 per Half Day $4O Per bath**** MOST POPULAR

Special Treat During the Day Ice Cream: Cheese, Vanilla, Peanut Butter $5, Slushie$5, Cookie $3
Stuffed Kong $5

Hotel Overnight Boarding 

Add: $5 on Weekends    $8 on Holidays
Medications/Treatments Add $3 per Night

Dog Boarding    

10% off ten nights or more

Communal Boarding

$85 per Night

Trial Night $45 applies only to certain situations

Private Doggie Suites   $100 per Night

Cat Boarding

10% off 15 nights or more

Meow Manor: 12x 25ft $60 Day or Night

Cat Den: 5x 5 1/2 ft $55 Day or Night

Kitty Cabana: 5x 4 1/2 ft $47 Day or Night

Crate/Cage: 22x30  $35 Day or Night
44x30 $40 Day or Night

Birds and Small Animal Boarding  $35 per night

Cats, Birds, and Small Animal Boarding..... Add $8 Holidays

Special Treats During your pets stay:
Stuffed Kong: $5
Ice Cream: Cheese, Vanilla, Peanut Butter $5
Slushie $5

Boarding Packages (open only to Members)

No charge extra weekends
Add $8 extra holidays

10 Night $750......$75 per Night
20 Night $1400....$70 per Night
30 Night $1950....$65 per Night
40 Night $2400....$60 per Night


One to Two pets $40 per day {includes one/two visits}
Three or more pets $45 per day {includes one/two visits}
Additional visits add $5
Medications/Treatments Add $5-$8 per day


Half Hour walk

Hour Walk

Walking Package 5 walks $17 per Walk $85

All baths include Nail trimming/Ear Cleaning/Teeth brushing/Anal Gland expression and receive a Complimentary Paw and Nose Massage

Full Groom :Bath+ Haircut starts at $85...……. Price for dogs depends on Hair Type/Length/Size/ and Manageability

Bath ONLY 
0- 39 lbs $60
40- 59 lbs $70
60-89 lbs $80
90 plus lbs $90

Hypoallergenic Bath
Add $15

***We do Not sedate any animal...Felines must be manageable in order to give any type of haircut, nail trim and/or bath***

Feline Shave +Bath $85 includes Nail Trim
Feline Bath ONLY $75 includes Nail Trim
Feline Shave ONLY $80 includes Nail Trim

Flea/Tick baths
Add $20

Hydrotherapy   $125

Body Wrap $22
Paw and Nose Massage $20

Specialty Baths 

Prices Shown for Specialty Baths reflect prices up to 69lbs
**Dogs over 70lbs Add $10**

Eucalyptus $80
Hot Oil $85
Mud $90
Milk $80
Medicated $90

Specialty Spa Treatment Packages

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Treatment/ Body Wrap/ Facial  $120
Paw/Nose Massage/ Milk Treatment $75
Whirlpool Hydrotherapy/ Hip and Joint Treatment $175
Hot Oil Treatment/ Body Massage $135
Specialty Shampoo (Yeast/Bacteria) $80

A LA Carte 

Nail Trim $22
Teeth brushing $15
Anal Gland Expression $25
Ear Cleaning $18
Sanitary Shave $25

Self Wash Stations 
$20 per dog

$3 Shampoo
$5 Medicated shampoo
$3 Towel
$5 Dryer
$3 q-tips

Membership   $150 Annual Fee

Membership Year Round Benefits
-Discounted Boarding
-Receive free enrollment in the toy of the month club
-12% off grooming

Camp: NON Daycare members only $19.99
Camp Snacks: $3 Ice Cream, Frozen Kong, or Slushie

Cancellation Policy
If you must cancel any reservation made for any service, please provide 24 hr notice. Failure to comply will require a $25 non cancellation fee and advanced payment for any rescheduled reservation.