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We are the Largest Doggie Daycare in Brooklyn!

Pet Super Nanny is a fully licensed cage free daycare and boarding facility. We have set a new level of standard to the quality of service you and your fur baby receive. The proof is on our facility. Our loving staff prides itself on taking the absolute best care of your beloved furry babies while you are away. The Pet Super Nanny spreads across 13,000 square feet of an indoor/outdoor supervised and grouped play space. This expansive space is covered from wall to wall with a customized epoxy rubber flooring to cushion your pet as they play. Cameras and staff throughout allow your pet to be monitored/and supervised at all times. A ball pit, pool, jungle gym, and a variety of play equipment with slides, ramps, bridges, and tunnels are placed in different areas to provide enrichment and help keep your pet engaged. Pet Super Nanny will not only give your canine companion the best dog day care, and doggie boarding experience you can find, but we will also do it in a first-class style. Pet Super Nanny always has flexible hours, where your beloved pet can stay for just an afternoon, or for several days. It is the perfect place for any pet large or small to enjoy a special getaway. 

We provide a pawsome experience through exercise- socialization- for all types of animals and the absence of stress. We share regular pics and videos of your pup playing, napping, smiling, running jumping and doing silly things. We also hold costume contests, and other fun photo ops were we will share the happy moments of your dog and friends playing together. It really does matter who cares for your babies.

Come JOIN The Pack!! We would ruff to meet you!

The pandemic has brought a new "outlook" about the world around us. We at The Pet Super Nanny always remember that the most important people to us is the community, our guests, and their families.

                                                                   Facility Tours

Mon to Fri 8am to 11am Excluding Tuesday and Sat 9am to 10:30. NO appointment needed.

COVID 19 -Sanitary precautions in place: Curbside pickup/drop off available. During Outbreaks proper protective attire must be worn while inside the facility, Temperature prior to entry will be taken, Plastic barriers and sheeting on credit card machine in place. Help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by helping us take the proper precautionary measures.

                                                              Cancellation Policy
If you must cancel any reservation made for any service, please provide 24 hr notice. Failure to comply will require a $25 non cancellation fee and advanced payment for any rescheduled reservation.


Largest play space for your pup in all of Brooklyn! Ramps, Tunnels, Bridges, Ball pit, Pool, and Jungle gym are just some of the things to do!

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  • 1000 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11238, United States
Rates image
Receive 10% off with multiple pets

INDOOR DOG RUN up to 2 hrs $25 Offered on Sat  9am to 1 pm******Temporarily Suspended

Large or Small Dogs SAME Price!! NO added Fees unnecessarily!! 

Whole Day $45

Daycare Packages

Full Day Daycare        10 Day $400....…$40 per Day
15 Day $570...…$38 per Day
20 Day $720......$36 per Day
****30 Day $960...…$34 per Day **** MOST POPULAR
40 Day $1200...$30 per Day

*****Gold Daycare Packages available.... Inquire Within*******

Half Day Daycare (up to 5 1/2 hrs)


15 Half Day Package $450.... $30 per Half Day
15 Half Day Package COMBO: 15 Half Day+ 2 Full day $522....$30 per Half Day/ $36 per Full Day

No Commitment Pack     $410....$41 per Day... 90 Days to Use

Combination Packages:
15 Full Day Daycare + 1 Regular Bath $600...$37.33 Per Full Day $40 Per Bath
20 Full Day Daycare + 3 Half Day $800....$32 Per Full Day ....$30 Per Half Day
****40 Full Day Daycare + 6 Half Days +1 Regular bath $1440....$30.50 per Full Day, $30 per Half Day $4O Per bath**** MOST POPULAR

Special Treat During the Day Ice Cream: Cheese, Vanilla, Peanut Butter $5, Slushie$5, Cookie $3
Stuffed Kong $5

Hotel Overnight Boarding 

Add: $5 on Weekends    $8 on Holidays
Medications/Treatments Add $3 per Night

Dog Boarding    

10% off ten nights or more

Communal Boarding

$85 per Night

Trial Night $45 applies only to certain situations

Private Doggie Suites   $100 per Night

Cat Boarding

10% off 15 nights or more

Meow Manor: 12x 25ft $60 Day or Night

Cat Den: 5x 5 1/2 ft $55 Day or Night

Kitty Cabana: 5x 4 1/2 ft $47 Day or Night

Crate/Cage: 22x30  $35 Day or Night
44x30 $40 Day or Night

Birds and Small Animal Boarding  $35 per night

Cats, Birds, and Small Animal Boarding..... Add $8 Holidays

Special Treats During your pets stay:
Stuffed Kong: $5
Ice Cream: Cheese, Vanilla, Peanut Butter $5
Slushie $5

Boarding Packages (open only to Members)

No charge extra weekends
Add $8 extra holidays

10 Night $750......$75 per Night
20 Night $1400....$70 per Night
30 Night $1950....$65 per Night
40 Night $2400....$60 per Night


One to Two pets $40 per day {includes one/two visits}
Three or more pets $45 per day {includes one/two visits}
Additional visits add $5
Medications/Treatments Add $5-$8 per day


Half Hour walk

Hour Walk

Walking Package 5 walks $17 per Walk $85

All baths include Nail trimming/Ear Cleaning/Teeth brushing/Anal Gland expression and receive a Complimentary Paw and Nose Massage

Full Groom :Bath+ Haircut starts at $85...……. Price for dogs depends on Hair Type/Length/Size/ and Manageability

Bath ONLY 
0- 39 lbs $60
40- 59 lbs $70
60-89 lbs $80
90 plus lbs $90

Hypoallergenic Bath
Add $15

***We do Not sedate any animal...Felines must be manageable in order to give any type of haircut, nail trim and/or bath***

Feline Shave +Bath $85 includes Nail Trim
Feline Bath ONLY $75 includes Nail Trim
Feline Shave ONLY $80 includes Nail Trim

Flea/Tick baths
Add $20

Hydrotherapy   $125

Body Wrap $22
Paw and Nose Massage $20

Specialty Baths 

Prices Shown for Specialty Baths reflect prices up to 69lbs
**Dogs over 70lbs Add $10**

Eucalyptus $80
Hot Oil $85
Mud $90
Milk $80
Medicated $90

Specialty Spa Treatment Packages

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Treatment/ Body Wrap/ Facial  $120
Paw/Nose Massage/ Milk Treatment $75
Whirlpool Hydrotherapy/ Hip and Joint Treatment $175
Hot Oil Treatment/ Body Massage $135
Specialty Shampoo (Yeast/Bacteria) $80

A LA Carte 

Nail Trim $22
Teeth brushing $15
Anal Gland Expression $25
Ear Cleaning $18
Sanitary Shave $25

Self Wash Stations 
$20 per dog

$3 Shampoo
$5 Medicated shampoo
$3 Towel
$5 Dryer
$3 q-tips

Membership   $150 Annual Fee

Membership Year Round Benefits
-Discounted Boarding
-Receive free enrollment in the toy of the month club
-12% off grooming

Camp: NON Daycare members only $19.99
Camp Snacks: $3 Ice Cream, Frozen Kong, or Slushie

Cancellation Policy
If you must cancel any reservation made for any service, please provide 24 hr notice. Failure to comply will require a $25 non cancellation fee and advanced payment for any rescheduled reservation.

Requirements for Daycare/Boarding:

♥ Proof of current vaccine records for both dogs and cats: Rabies, DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Para Influenza, Parvovirus), FVRCP (Feline) and Bordetella (kennel cough) is mandatory. Please be sure to bring proof (vaccine certificate) of these vaccinations to your evaluation interview, as well as proof of a negative stool sample (Lab report) that must test for both Giardia and Ova and parasites.
♥ Your dog/cat must be spayed or neutered if he or she is 8 months of age or older.
♥ We do an evaluation interview with your dog to be sure that he/she will do well in the cage-free environment.
♥ We do a flea/tick check – all dogs should be on an anti-flea & tick program.
♥ Space and availability: We do fill up on major holidays so please try to call in advance and reserve a spot for your pet!

Note: When dropping off any pet for boarding in the hotel all food must be placed into a sealable hard plastic container with your pets name on it. If you do not provide a hard plastic container one will be required to be purchased for the duration of the hotel stay.

Cancellation Policy
If you must cancel any reservation made for any service, please provide 24 hr notice. Failure to comply will require a $25 non cancellation fee and advanced payment for any rescheduled reservation.

Requirements image
Day Camp extra curricular activities include pool time, ball bobbing, sprinkler fun, and bubble time!!!!

Bring your dog to come play with bubbles, swim in the pool, catch some aquatic balls, or play with the sprinkler. During the summer months we add a little additional varied enrichment to your best friends day. Whether its playing with bubbles, going for a swim, catching balls, or playing with the sprinkler trained staff are of course on board supervising all play, swim, and water activities. This is of course additional to the ramps, bridges, tunnels, jungle gym, and ball pit!!!

Summer snacks include ICE CREAM!!, Frozen Kong, or Slushies Vanilla, Peanut butter, or Cheese. Order your pups delicious snack today!
Is your dog or child having a birthday? Happy Bark-day!  Have it at the Pet Super Nanny!! We will do all the work for you!

Two Different Rooms to choose from:
Party Room $450 up to 3 hours
Party Room with Jungle gym and Ball pit $600 up to 3 hours

Each additional hour is $75

We provide Tables, Chairs, Plates, Forks, Spoons, Cups, Party Favors, and even the Friends!
You are welcome to have catered food brought in.


Dog Cake $70-$100
Cake Pops $50
Photographer $275
Dog Cookies $20 (approximately 10)
Ice Cream $25 (approximately 10 cups) 
Balloon Arch $80
Decorations $80

Birthday Parties imageBirthday Parties image
Indoor Dog Run imageIndoor Dog Run imageIndoor Dog Run image
Temporarily Suspended

Weekends are for fun!!! When you don't want to leave your pup alone, come hang out and play with your pooch and watch them play and socialize in a clean, safe, and sanitary way. Spend up to 2hrs with your pup and their friends!!!
You will have access to different play equipment, ball pit, pool, and jungle gym!!! Watch your pup have the time of their life!

ONLY $20 for up to two hours of FUN!!!! Offered on Saturdays 9am to 1pm

Must show vaccine paperwork and negative worm history prior to entry.

During Covid times: to keep safe for all masks must be worn at all times. Temp checks will be taken upon arrival. Call to confirm availability.
Puppy Socialization image
Temporarily Suspended
SOCIALIZE your pup! This class is for puppies from 7 weeks to 6 months of age. At this time everything your pup learns and is exposed to permanently shapes their personalities and how they experience events as adults. Here you will watch your pup play with other puppies. Socialization helps your puppy become acclimated to all types of sights, sounds, and smells in a positive manner. Proper socialization can prevent a dog from having anxiety or aggression. Under Socialization can lead to behavior problems later on in life.

Once your puppy has started their initial vaccinations (DHPP & Bordetella), they can attend puppy group. We would also require proof of negative fecal sample from your local vet. If your pup was found to have coccidia and/or Giardia we require proof of two negative fecal samples.

Enroll today!!! Class size is kept small to have an intimate experience.

Classes take place every Saturday and Sunday!!
Saturday: 11:30am Sunday: 11:00am Each 1hr session $9

Please RSVP!

**Due to Covid we will not be offering classes on Saturday's and Sunday's Temporarily

 I’ve been bringing my very high-energy puppy to Pet Super Nanny for the past 6+ months, and I would recommend it to all doggy owners in Brooklyn. The owner, Danielle, does a fabulous job managing dogs of varying activity levels throughout the day. I’ve never once questioned my dog’s safety when he’s at daycare. He comes home happy and tired every day. Finding Pet Super Nanny has been such a God send. Thank you for all that you do! 

Taryn Boley

 This is top notch pet care with best prices in BK! We absolutely love Danielle, she is professional and cares for our pup like her own. The facility is clean and huge, plus on the weekend she opens up as a dog run, perfect for rainy days! Take your dog here for daycare or boarding you won’t be sorry! 

Lijha Stewart

 This is the only place I trust with my dog (and even, at times, my cats). I cannot say enough good things about Danielle and don’t know where to start! Brass tacks: she has a wealth of knowledge regarding ALL pet care, provides first rate services (from daycare to boarding to grooming), maintains high standards (vaccine requirements, facility cleaning, safety) and has great pricing and packages to fit your needs. On top of all that, she truly cares about each dog and their family. Danielle really gets to know your dog and she passes this knowledge on to the rest of her staff. My dog had been extremely anxious (especially after abuse and shelter life) and with Danielle and regular daycare his physical and emotional energy became much more settled. It’s an incredible relief to have someone who I know will be able to take good care of my pet - especially now, when our new quarantine lifestyle has driven our dog’s separation anxiety to an all time high. Additionally, the location itself is awesome. It’s massive, modern, clean and dynamic - so I know that it’s able to handle any kind of dog group and that my dog will always have a good area and dog group to run and play in. The instagram regularly uploads play photos throughout the day which are delightful. Outside of the vet (although Danielle also has vet tech experience!), I’ve never felt the need to go elsewhere for anything pet related. In short: When it came time for me to find a new apartment last year, I deliberately searched in an area that was close to Danielle. We can’t live without her! 

Nassira Bougrab