The hotel part of the enrichment program at Pet Super Nanny is the familiarity of our true-home environment style of canine boarding for dogs 24 hours a day. Dogs prefer a real home and outdoor play yard over a kennel or a warehouse. Every dog spends their days playing indoor and outdoors in our cage-free areas and their nights sleeping on a variety of real beds, and couches, and every minute of it with canine and human companionship.

Our experienced staff of trained dog handlers separate the dogs into groups according to size, temperament, preference, or medical need. They monitor each pack so that all dogs are in a stress-free environment. The dogs can sleep slumber-party-style with a bunch of new human and canine friends at night or in private suites. They are never locked up or left alone…that’s right, there are no cages here, and human companionship is always available.

Private suites are available for guests who prefer their own space or one-on-one attention. Each Doggie Suite is equipped with a tv, bed, couch, raised feeding, snacks, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and even a human companion is an option.

Cat boarding is provided in a quiet area away from the noise. Cats are given ample space to walk around, climb on cat trees, play with toys, and relax on couches. We have 3 different spaces for our kitty guests. Each providing different play areas for our feline friends.

We also provide bird and small animal boarding as well.

Our staff is fully trained to administer any medications/treatments or specific feeding instructions if necessary. We are committed to catering to your beloved pets’ needs as if they were our own.

Check in:  7:30am-6pm Weekdays or Saturdays 9am-10:30am.

Check out time: By or before 10am thereafter a proration will begin weekday or weekend.

Dogs: Receive 10% off with our multiple pet discount and/or 10 nights or more.

Cats: Receive 10% off with our multiple pet discount and/or 15 nights or more.

Cancellation Policy
If you must cancel any reservation made for any service, please provide 24 hr notice. Failure to comply will require a $25 non cancellation fee and advanced payment for any rescheduled reservation.